Un Año después. One Year Later

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Doing my best Evita in Argentina


Today one year ago I set off on my four month odyssey around the world. With literally no idea what I would find. It seemed only fitting now to actually look back and ask myself, well did you find what you were looking for?


The short answer is yes so if that’s all you need to know then go no further. To say I was “finding myself” doesn’t feel quite right, because I believe you are always exactly where you are meant to be. So I try not to indulge this idea of failure or being a lost soul. It’s simply not true. Have I learnt big lessons from my apparent failures? Absolutely! However I would consider them rather abrupt course corrections and sign posts from the universe saying STOP, go the other way! You have a universal guidance system yelling out at you like Siri in the car on the freeway, so then how can you be lost? You just have to listen because just like Siri you’ll get the heads up. Turn left in 500m, 200m, Turn left now!

Looking down into Medellin feeling complete and powerful.

So after all that I learnt two big lessons. Firstly I am my most powerful self when I am in the flow of travel, it’s here I connect with like minded souls. What we all agree on is that travel opens up a space in your heart for more compassion and understanding of the human experience.  Secondly and in a more practical sense I was ready to move into a new chapter in my life.

After eight years as a personal trainer I felt very complete with what I had achieved. Without boring you with a resume lets just say everything I could want happened. Celebrities, tv, my face used unapologetically as a marketing tool. I loved all of it. Yet I was ready for something new. Enter a five month interview process to become a flight attendant and a new vision for what excites and sparks my curiosity.

Classic Shot of Sydney but it never gets old.

So here I am now about half way through ground school and I can firmly say I am meant to be here. I am blown away every day at how much I am invested in being here. Studying, learning and being challenged it is such a rewarding process but the expectation and intensity is very real. I am very grateful my mind grasps the concepts and procedures being thrown at us because the course moves at such a pace it is crucial you get it.

Looking up at an A380. If you saw my face you would have seen a big kid smiling.

I won’t go into a lot of details as there is understandably a lot of security around aviation and rightly so. What I can talk about is my experiences and how I feel. The highlights have been things like inflating a lifejacket and bouncing around in the pool, we have had to jump down the slide from a 747 and also mount a canopy on a life raft in the dark while it is raining. Most of which I did with a stupid grin across my face, like a kid in a candy store. This provides some welcome relief from the very serious elements involved in safety drills and evacuation procedures.

If you are interested in what some of the training looks like you can check out this article from Behind the scenes of cabin crew training

Growing up I remember going to the airport in Broome and watching the different planes take off with my Dad. We also flew a lot and I had a keen interest in the whole experience. So learning what the crew are actually doing at any given moment is super interesting to me, plus the science of getting these giant machines into the air everyday is truly amazing.

If you are flying soon, on any airline. Please be nice to your cabin crew, we know airports can be stressful but at the end of the day our first job is to make sure you get to your destination safely. Whether it’s your dream vacation around the world or bringing you home to your family, doing it safely is our first priority. Oh and of course “Chicken or fish”?

Every day of the last few weeks has allowed me to remember that kid in Broome, with the whole world at his feet watching the planes soar into the sky. I am so glad to say that he is really happy right now and having a great time. When a moment brings you back to your childhood and that sense of wonder I think you heal a little part of your heart. That’s what I have learnt in the last year, you were never lost. You just simply forgot who you were for a moment.


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