So what happened in the end?

Laying by the pool in Bali feeling like myself again.

I am sitting here 6 months after I arrived home from my epic trip around the world. Truth be told I am not in Perth but Bali,Indonesia. My next adventure after 2018. My paper itinerary for Soulsa Searching was taken down 4 days ago as I couldn’t bring myself to do it before then. To do so would have meant it was finished and I knew I couldn’t finish the joyous adventure around the world before I had a new one lined up.

The classic signs of a gay not coping with life, platinum white home hair dye. A cry for help!

When I arrived back in Perth after my trip I fell into a deep depression. I couldn’t wake up, get up or show up for anything. To be honest a come down is normal, you will feel at a loss after such a big event, you have done a lot of stuff. The difference for me was that I knew I had to leave again, my trip had shaken off the idea that somehow my life was done at Thirty and to just fit the mould of what everyone else is doing. My apartment, clothes and life felt like someone else’s, a guy I knew from a while ago. I had to find my corner of the sky once again.

To summarize this trip I would say that I am so proud of who I am. Fearless, kind, brave, funny and gorgeous. These are the things I learnt about myself, to move through cities and countries unashamed and untethered to perceptions of what is normal or status quo, this is who I remembered to be. Sadly, to be this person in Perth is not effortless and to simply show up as myself to an event feels like an act of defiance. I knew I needed to find an easier way of life. Cities, much like clothes need to be the right fit and Perth no longer fit me.

Of all things I have learnt to be Kind, to myself and to others

All this and more meant that six months in Perth was tough, but as always I had a plan. I knew more of who I wanted to be, someone who traveled, someone who spoke Spanish and someone who was unapologetically themselves. How could I do that in a way which made sense, abiding by at least some social constructs: you need a job/savings and stability. I do like some sense of grounding to a place.

What job could I travel with, get paid and have the potential to use another language. You know when an idea suddenly after years makes sense? Suddenly, for the first time in my life I realized I wanted to be a Flight Attendant, it seemed like a perfect fit.

So in December I sat for interviews, medicals and clearances. Five months later,after waiting for phone calls, giving up, freaking out and then letting go I arrived at a place of trust, it would happen. The best things always happen to me in the best way. Most of the time it unfolds in a way far more spectacular than I could have imagine.

I left Australia and arrived here Bali to celebrate my birthday. Quickly I returned to what I can only describe as my natural rhythm. A solo traveller without a plan and ready to take on the world.

As the Universe would have it on Nyepi, a day of Silence and reflection here in Bali (the first day of the Hindu New year) I finally got the job. So off to Melbourne I go to for a career and city change, I can’t wait.

My biggest take away from my time around the world is that my talent and skill is the ability to make things happen. If I set my mind to it then it will eventuate in the best circumstance possible. A trip around the world, a new job, whatever I can dream can be.

So this is only the start of this journey, please return to your seats and tray tables to the upright position and prepare for more adventures.More than anything though go make your own happen however they look or feel to you.

My perfect day in Guatape. Still one of the best days of my life.

2 thoughts on “So what happened in the end?

  1. I love your story and go on my friend let your wings fly high. Congratulations on your new job and journey. You call me when you are in town. 👍💕


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