Meeting up in Malaga

Well for the last week I spent my time back on the coast. Despite on my final night being told by another Australian “You are doing Spain wrong, you haven’t seen anything”. What I do know after 3 months of travel is how fast I like to move and that I really love sitting by the beach.

Doing what I do best

Particularly under a rainbow flag with a glass of Sangria, why? Because this is not something we have in Australia. Without harping on, my fellow traveler has done an amazing job of seeing All of Spain in a month. A new city every day or two, every castle or “must see”.

What have I done? Created moments of joy specifically for me. Seen sunsets (and sunrises) drank wine and danced!

I caught the train out to Malaga and then onto Torremolinos where my air bnb was. I had never heard of this town but thank god for google. I found the gay capitol of Andalucia.

A day trip out to Malaga

A gorgeous seaside town which has become an it destination for LGBT travelers. After chatting to some people I learned it was infamous as a trashy Spanish resort town for the English traveler. For my Australians, think about the ones who stay in Kuta Bali and just want a VB while watching the Collingwood game. While I could still see this is present it seems the gays have claimed it as their own.

Ritual Hotel at night.

With roughly about 20 bars catering to all of the community this town new how to party. I extended my stay and treated myself to 3 days in a deluxe suite at Ritual Hotel which had an amazing pool overlooking the ocean. 3 rainbow flags on the roof and at night was lit up like a giant rainbow flag. Gay does not begin to describe this hotel.

Pool and ocean view at Ritual hotel

However the biggest blessing was having friends to share this with. You must all be sick of me writing about this but once again I found my tribe. Well the same tribe, friends I had made in Barcelona. Through the magic of Facebook check ins two of the boys I had met in Barcelona were staying in Torremolinos the same week as me.

Drinks on the beach with Alexis(Front) and Orpiano (Rear)

So within 2 hours of me arriving we were all drinking Cava (Spanish Sparkling wine) by the beach. From there we proceeded to hang out every day and go out at night.

I can’t describe how much fun we had every day. So much so that the boys extended their stay twice! Our final night we headed into Malaga to see a Colombian Reggaetón star Maluma.

Front and center for Maluma Baby!

If you recall way back in Colombia I went to another such concert, for me Maluma was the only one missing off that bill. What are the chances that he was playing in Spain when I was here! The same probability that I would make two wonderful friends to share my vacation with. This is how my life unfolds, perfectly with surprises and blessings every day.

In our time together I was talking to another guy who must have been drinking the same water as the Australian. He proceeded to tell me “these aren’t your friends you just met them”. I proceeded to tell him that I do consider them friends, I have intentions of hanging out again in the next twelve months and where as I would call him an acquaintance these were my friends. Needless to say the conversation finished quickly after that.

I don’t use the term friend lightly, what I do know is there are plenty of people I could have a drink or dinner with and then happily not see for a week/month/year.To spend every day and night together for a week is a friendship. How that friendship works from day to day? I don’t know yet but I know that thoughts like “why bother it won’t work out” doesn’t help.

These boys were such a sounding board and a reminder of old friends who I had a lot in common with. My tribe, my community, my people. Something I didn’t realize I was missing until they walked back into my life.

So for your viewing pleasure, me in my element with my very attractive friends living our best life! Onto Madrid for my final few days in Spain with a smile on my face and feeling more like myself every day.

More amazing food and wine
“Relaxing” by the pool
Malaga beach
View from my Air bnb
Ok guys pretend like you are posing

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