Savoring Seville

After an amazing two weeks in Barcelona I headed to the other side of Spain. Andalucia, specifically Seville. To be honest the start of this week was rough.

I became that guy at the airport who missed his plane. How after all my travels, all those episodes of “Airport” and all my cabin crew friends could I miss my flight. Was I running late? No in fact I checked in 2 days prior and arrived at the airport 3 hours before my domestic flight.

There were two flights to Seville,same airline within half an hour of each other. I was at the correct gate for about 1.5 hours. Went to get something to eat and got an update on text/email and app saying my gate had changed. As I walked back I saw the destination Seville and sat down. Wrong flight. It was only as I tried to board that I was told I was at the wrong gate, my flight had left half an hour before.

Thankfully my bag was waiting at customer service however I now had to buy another ticket,hotel in Barcelona and write off my flight as a nights accommodation in Seville. Not part of the budget!

After a day of sulking I took the train to Seville (cheaper and arrived at a better time) and quickly my heart turned around.

The streets of Seville

Seville provides all those cliche European vacation moments I expected. Getting lost amongst the narrow streets,Fountains and Flamenco. The Real Alcazar is everything you would expect from a royal palace. Walking into courtyards that make your jaw drop. The architecture taking the best of Islamic and Christian design and creating something beautiful. It is truly something to behold.

My other days I spent at the cathedral where Christopher Colombus lies and also stopped by the Plaza de España. While almost every city has one Seville’s is just so gorgeous and huge. I could have spent a whole day wandering through the gardens and buildings.

Of course all accompanied by tapas and wine, I am glad I came in September not August as you can feel a shift in the weather. Although it is still 35 degrees most days it is more bareable then the previous weeks of 40 degrees with no option to go to the beach.

Simple but delicious

In my final weeks of travel I have learnt I am not in a hurry. A town a week is plenty for me. Although I have a couple of day trips planned to neighboring towns etc I enjoy having a base. New cities every 3 days is all a bit too much. I am also content with one museum,castle,church per country. I will save the others for next time.

2 more weeks in Spain and then into my final destination. It is very hard now to not think about my return to Australia but I am making every tapa,beer,wine,ice cream,fountain and stroll down a lane way count.

Plaza de España. The most amazing plaza I have seen.

The tomb of Christopher Colombus

Entry to the Alcazar. I should have booked in advance.

Mercury’s pool at The Alcazar

The fountain at the Alcazar

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