Barcelona with the boys

So after two weeks in Europe I have sat dow to catch you all up on what has been happening in Barcelona. It’s been a lot, of fun. After what felt like a quite challenging but needed two weeks of alone time in Bogota, Barcelona has been all about friendships. Old and new alike.

Antwan and I at Waterpark. A grown up day party at an amusement park

On my first day here I met up with the Delta Crew. After meeting Antwan in Cartagena I was invited to hang with him and a group of boys who were in town for Circuit Festival, a 10 day Gay party festival. At this point I was grateful I had two weeks of sleep and gym because there was certainly no time for that now.

The Delta Crew. Just good people.

The balmy summers of Spain suited our late starts perfectly. The beach doesn’t get busy until 3pm, we would sit and drink Sangria until 8 before dinner and wine. By midnight it was time to go and see a world class DJ at some venue in the city or sometimes a way out at an amazing yet unknown venue.

One of the venues we attended.

I have mentioned finding your tribe before and although I know this is how my life works I am constantly in awe of the amazing people who welcome me into their life and vacation. It creates momentum and from that first day I have rarely been alone on this solo trip. There has always been an old or new friend heading the same direction or event as me.

My saving grace in Barcelona has been my wonderful new friend Daniel (From Medellin of course) who has always had time to hang out and show me around. Being that Medellin is still one of my favorite cities/if not number one we have much to talk about and reminisce. It only makes sense that after all my time in Colombia my friends here are Paisa.

By far my favorite thing in Spain is holding hands. Not me personally but just the amount of couples, specifically same sex couples on the street being affectionate. Sadly this is something I am not used to. When I lived in West Hollywood sure it was common but just in one suburb. In Barcelona it doesn’t seem to matter which area or who you are, if you love someone hold their hand. There is no way in Perth I would feel comfortable to do this on a street without being at least a little on guard. Here it is such a non event I feel like I should be shouting “hey look they gays are holding hands and we are all ok!” It is just normal.

Bumping into my long time friend and cabaret superstar Trevor Ashley was a highlight for Sitges

After years of hearing about Sitges, a beach town out of BCN I jumped on the train out. I was not disappointed by its charm, beach’s and “gayness”. Again my days were filled with sun,sand and Sangria. While there is plenty for a straight person/couple/family to be entertained by as well my rough math suggests for a town 16% the size of Perth it has 800% more LGBT venues that my city.

Mike and I eating Bocadillos on the beaches of Sitges

This is baffling to me, how slow and backwards Perth is. I know we have come a long way but when I see how the rest of the world operates it gives me pause. If a little beach town can have an Industry based on the pink dollar and provide a safe space for all travelers, why does WA not see value in its residents and rainbow tourists?

Next up for me is Seville and I will have to start the friendship process again, I have had to say a lot of goodbyes to amazing new friends the last few days. Which is tough however I know two things for sure from this trip. I am never alone for too long and the tribe of travelers I have met will always be planning that next dance together.

Waterpark day and getting the rig out with the boys
The stunning views of Sitges. Again I am in Speedos
Mar Bella beach in Barcelona
Some of the boys you will see at Circuit Festival
Antwan, DJ Dan Slater,myself and a new squeeze of Dans. Colombia to Spain. We are international.
Tapas and a good strong G&T
Sangria at the beach of course

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