What’s hot and what’s not!

After two months on the road I am now a self proclaimed expert on what you need to get the most out of your trip. Of course this will be a general guide but here’s a few things I can’t do without and some I should have left at home.

First up getting out of the country! If you have the time a RTW ticket is the way to go, I am flying with Luftansa which is one of the few who stop in South America. What I also love (apart from the great ticket price) is Luftansa code shares with an amazong group. So far I have been on Qantas, Air New Zealand and coming up shortly I will fly with Thai air. There are a few basic rules but if you want more info or if you want a seriously stunning and bespoke holiday tailored to you talk to the team at www.richveintravel.co.uk who are just a dream and also LGBT friendly.

All my clothes fit in these “Bags for Bags” which you can buy on EBay

Second. My new rule, this rule allowed me to get on the road carry on only. Pack the basics, for me this was tough but 5 t shirts, 3 shorts, 3 pants and 1 “nice” shirt Make sure they go together for all possible combinations. I always used to pack the “just in case outfits” now if I really need it I can buy it on the road. Safe to say as of yet I have not needed dress shoes or a formal blazer for a night at the opera.

Moisturizer. Travel is exhausting and dehydrating so I made sure I took a good moisturizer. For me I prefer Arbonne day cream with SPF15 so I know I won’t get sunburnt. I also love it because the full size is under 100ml so it can come in my carry on and lasts forever. If you don’t know an Arbonne consultant just ask, I know plenty!

My go to apps on the road

Apps, in this day an age you can save so much time with a good app.

  • Google translate, for when my words dont cut it.
  • Google maps, you can download an offline map when your on Wi-Fi so when you are out am about you don’t need data to find your way around.
  • Trip advisor. For reviews,hotels and general info.
  • XE money. You can keep multiple currencies in the app and find out how much you are actually spending.
Literally the first time it’s been out of its case

What should I have left behind? My condenser microphone. I had grand ideas of creating a podcast on the go. I even paid for a years worth of online space with iTunes. Safe to say my international radio show may have to be more of a retrospective. However I am glad I had a choice, I am also glad I decided not to bust my ass producing a show. This has left a lot more time for me to just be here.

Found a nice wall and thought about what I wanted

Finally. Get out an travel with an intention, to escape, to find, to relax, to challenge. Whatever it is give your vacation a little soul and it will help keep you on track. So many times I have gone for a relaxing vacation and ended up over cramming it with activities and parties. What I love about this trip (apart from the length) is the intention, to follow that gut instinct that over a year ago said “Hey kid I guarantee something magical is happening, just say yes” and I know now that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Funnily enough the most magical thing about this trip is me, because I made all of this happen.

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