Taking a break in Bogota

This week I arrived at my final stop in Colombia. It is hard to believe I have been here for two months. Knowing my time is coming to an end in Colombia has been on my mind of late and has made it challenging to stay present and in the moment. The reality is I am still here and there is so much to see and do.

Bogota has been a great chance to relax after a very big couple of weeks on the coast. The cool weather and regular rain have given me a great excuse to have a day or two staying warm and watching Netflix. The big jump in altitude has also left me pretty exhausted and by the afternoon I don’t have much steam left. However I am trying to change that and get out to see some more of the sights.

Saturday I hiked Monserate, a mountain that emerges up and out of the city centre. After an hour of hiking with the altitude and through the rain I reached the top with my wonderful friend Claudia. At the top we warmed ourselves with coffee made with sugar cane juice instead of water. A delicious sweet black coffee that warmed me back up.

Hot,sweaty and yet somehow cold at the top

I also indulged in a few other Colombian “must eats” from my list. Plantain (a more savoury cousin of the banana) with cheese and a sweet guava paste called Bocadillo. The Bogota staple of hot chocolate and cheese, yes that’s right. Playing on the salty sweet combination it was actually delicious as the heat from the liquid melts the cheese.

I have been spoilt rotten while staying with Claudia and her family, with traditional meals being prepared with love and an opportunity to embrace all the Spanish I have learnt instead of falling back on English. It has been a real blessing to have some family time and be invited in without hesitation to events and moments. It is these unplanned and unexpected experiences which give me the greatest joy from travelling.

After two months away I have definitely found my rhythm and independence on the road and it is something that I really enjoy. I have learnt a lot about what I like and don’t like and have found a trust in myself and my gut instinct. The skill of standing up for myself and not people pleasing is (as you may remember) something I have been working through and I am getting better!

What I love about this trip is it has given me space and opportunities to learn and grow. While I believe that this can happen at home and you don’t need to have a giant trip to find yourself, being out of my comfort zone has really highlighted some of my old thought patterns and habits.

So my objectives for the last week in Colombia is firstly to enjoy my time here and not get so caught up worrying about when I will come back that I miss out on actually being here! Secondly listen to what my gut wants, if I want to go to a museum do it, if I want a day in bed do it (but just one) and most importantly keep up the good work!

And now without further ado a whole pile of the amazing food I have eaten lately!

Roasted corn, arepas and other goodies
Fruits and juices,because you know, healthy .
Hot chocolate and cheese. So wrong that it’s right.
Plantain with cheese and bocadillo
Out with the family for Chorizo,ribs,morcilla and vegetables
Home cooking was an arepa con queso. So good.
Another day another soup!
Chica, a fermented corn drink. Somewhere between beer and kombucha.
Some of the amazing seafood from my last night in Cartagena
A little Mexican for balance
Ceviche, what else can I say?
Dessert was a meringue with araquipe. Sickly sweet caramel and cream.

One thought on “Taking a break in Bogota

  1. I totally believe we have to take ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to really be challenged and grow. Sounds like you’ve been doing that in your travels. Plus, what a great experience you’ve had staying with a Colombian family in Bogotá! Enjoy the rest of your time in this amazing country!


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