A hidden gem, Isla Fuerte

After Minca I headed off the typical tourist map to an Island that is barely known about even by Colombians. I had a lot of recommendations to go San Andreas and some of the more well known spots however my Mum mentioned a friend of her co -worker was running a hostel on an island called Isla Fuerte.

After a bit of researching I made it a part of my plan. Coming from Minca I had a 5 hour bus ride to Cartagena where I stayed a night. Cartagena is another popular costal town but I am planning on returning so more on that later.

The next day I had a second bus, private car ride and a boat to get to the island. The car ride was a collectivo, so sharing the cost with two other ladies. Oh and then we picked up one of their Mothers, and her wheelchair. So she sat in the front and the 3 of us were crammed in the back. For an hour. Then the mother stoped the car at vendor on the side of the road, to buy fish. Whole fresh fish, that were wrapped and sat in the car with us the rest of the ride. This was normal and acceptable because, you know it’s Colombia.

After two days of traveling I was seriously hoping this place was worth it. I wasn’t disappointed, there are no cars or motor bikes on the island only boats and donkeys.Barely paved roads and a few houses the hostel is perched above a tiny beach, La Playita.

Views from La Playita

Jeff, a Bunbury boy and his wife Angie have built the hostel from the ground up with an emphasis on eco tourism. So the toilets use seawater, showers need to be limited and there are simple requests like charging your devices in the afternoon when the Solar power is running the place.

I spent four nights here and managed to have a dorm room to myself which was great. You can hike,swim, get a massage or just hang out at the bar watching the Carribean Sea wash away your cares.

Angie organized a day trip with myself and another Aussie couple to a different island to a hostel called Casa en el Agua. House in the water is what it translates to and sums it up perfectly, a tiny island/building built up off a reef.

Casa en El Agua

We spent the day lounging in the sun,swimming and eating fresh caught fish for lunch. Angie and I headed back while the couple used it as a transfer to their next destination. On the way back we stopped at the island where the locals all live for a street party.

Hanging with Angie

It was crazy! Shots, beers and dancing in the street to Afro Carribean beats. Quite clearly the only white guy on the island I felt welcomed and safe. This was more my style,after feeling things were a bit to touristy with hostels and backpackers being able to be completely out of my comfort zone in a crazy a new environment felt great.

As it got closer to Sunset we jumped back on the boat to Isla Fuerte music pumping, wouldn’t you know it as we arrived there was another street party here. So much for my quiet desert island get away.

Saying that I know I can have more opportunities to relax by myself on a beach. When you get asked to be apart of a party and a new experience you have to say yes.

My final full day was spent at the hostel relaxing in a hammock and in the night I have myself a huge treat. What we would call Morton Bay Bugs, there was lobster available but the locals swear they like the bugs more so although maybe less photogenic I went with their recommendation.

Isla Fuerte is a gem in the ocean and while La Playita is not a luxury resort get away there is a simple and rustic joy to being here. If you can get here do it!

The Main Street

Sunsets on the water

Checking out the turtle consveration program

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