Taking time out in the moutains

After a week of the heat and noise that comes with Santa Marta I decuded to spend a couple of days coolunf off in the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. Taking a bus I headed up to the town of Minca, now town is possibly an over statement. It’s more of a street and a corner.

Until recently Minca was unaccesable to tourists as it was under the control of para military groups. This is no longer the case and while many locals come for a day trip you can also stay the night. There are plenty of hostels in the town and also close by, the ones out of town require a one or two hour hike or a ride on a moto taxi so you want to pack light.

I opted to stay in town at a stunning hostel, complete with a pool over looking the river and a giant hammock swing to laze about on. On my full day I took a moto up to a coffee farm, the Finca has been operating for about 120 years and is completely hydro powered. Using the flow of water down the mountain to drive the original machines the tour and process was fascinating and yes the coffee was delicious.

Ripe coffee beans

After the tour I walked back down to the hostel, the walk awas about two and a half hours but was broken up with a swim in one of the waterfalls along the way.

Staying in hostels has been a gear shift for me and I can’t say that I love it, it feels a lot more touristy rather than the air bnb’s and home stay which was much more of a local expeerience. Minca is so small though that apart from the few locals operating the store and restaurant the only people that populate the town are backpackers.

Stopping off at one of the waterfalls for a swim

The views and climate were a welcome change but two nights was sufficient to get a sense of whats going on. From Minca I am off down the coast for another new adventure.

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