Crying tears of joy….again.

The rock at Guatapé

So as the sun sets on another weekend in Colombia I have arrived home after a day in the beautiful town of Guatapé. After a slightly last minute decision I hopped on a bus this morning and headed up and through the mountains on a two hour journey.

Now there are plenty of companies who will take your money and set you up on one of those all day tours. However after a bit of research I found out its also just a train and a bus to the town. Starting at its iconic Peñon de Guatape, literally a giant rock over looking the town and man made lagoon.

So I jumped on what you might call The chicken bus with a mix of locals and thrifty gringos and enjoyed the amazing scenery through the region of Antioquea. The bus dropped me off at the bottom of a substantial hill that I needed to climb in order to get to the rock. After some huffing and puffing up the hill I embarked on about 700 steps up to the top.

For a full recount you can check out my instagram story but in short the views up top are spectacular. I spent about half an hour relaxing and eating mango while just taking it all in complete with seranades from buskers it was a beautiful place to soak in the sun.

Taking a moment at the top.

Views of the lagoon from the top.

After I made my way down and via a $6 tuk tuk (FYI this was expensive as I was the only rider) of course this included the usual upsell of other tours and such but I did end up with a great recommendation for an affordable Colombian meal. Lunch was a traditional fare of Bandeja Paisa, essentially a meal to give workers energy to last the day. Compiled of beans,avocado,ground beef,plantain, rice and pork belly needless to say I won’t need dinner.

Bandeja Paisa.

Pueblo Guatapé

My afternoon was spent wandering around admiring the beaitfully maintained painted houses and cobblestone streets. A postcard of every Spanish Colonial town you can dream of. As ladies asked what I was doing (selfie’s of course) I joked and said “you have to be smart when you are solo”. Alone but far from lonely.

Enjoying the colors.

Aimlessly enjoying the colours, people,nature and company of the town, I realised how goddam happy I was and the perfection of the moment. I was here and lacked nothing. Tears of joy ran down my face, if you aren’t aware I tend to cry easily, Oprah, Movies, Weddings, earlier in the week amidst a walking tour and now yes in the middle of the town square.

Before I actually broke down I purchased a coffee and place myself on a bench to soak up all this goodness and pull myself together.

Coffee in a paper cup and I couldn’t be happier.

In the afternoon I returned home and as I watched the mountains roll by the chicken bus window I realised this day could not have been better. I am so grateful for the work to get here and now the colours, steps and moments that are making this trip amazing. This was a perfect day.

The town church

Downtown Medellin on the walking tour

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