So I got on a plane around the world

Looking moody amongst the tombs

I didnt realise how long it had been since I posted but I will be brief with my plane trip prep. The final month in Perth flew by and my “to do list” eventually was left with “Get on the plane” That was five days ago.

After an over night stay in Melbourne I flew Air New Zealand to Buenos Aires Argentina. Suprisingly I found the flight pretty quick. Even in economy I managed to get 6 hours sleep.

Arriving at my hostel Lugar Gay I was checked in and shown to my room. The house is a 120 year old town house complete with a roof top full of sunbeds, which sadly I couldnt use as most days had a max of 12 degrees. The house is located in San Telmo a stunning cobble stoned area close to the center of the city.

View from the house’s balcony
San Telmo on a Sunday

Over the 4 days I did the usual tourist stops such as The Resting place of Eva Peron, Tango en El caminito La Boca and the San Telmo Markets. I have eaten amazing food, Asado-Bbq, Choripan-Hotdogs on steroids, great pasta and mediolunes-patries. If you have been follpwing me on Instagram also a lot of red wine.

Parilla! Chorizo ready for Choripan on the left

Amongst all this,the moments that stand out involve people, amazing to say that on my first leg solo around the world I have felt far from lonely.

There has always been someone to head out with or even when I am solo I have met people to chat with over a hilarious mix of Spanish, English and gestures. My Spanish doesnt actually suck, I mean its not great but I can get my point across and I understand more than I can say.

My biggest take away from these first few days has been this. My “to do list of dreams while in South America” is kind of done. It was things like going out to dinner and being able to converse meaningfully in Spanish, spontaneous dancing in public with strangers, eating good food and drinking wine while people watching. All done, so it seems the invitation is to dream bigger this trip, those 3 dreams got me over here imagine what else can be done now that I am here. Buckle up for a big adventure!

The best thing in Buenos Aires

Special thanks to Lorenzo and Rafael for our dancing, drinks,dinners and walks. You boys made me sad to leave Argentina. Nos Vemos chicos.

Eva Perón
One of the amazing mausoleums in Recoleta
All the colour of La Boca
Hashtag Blessed. Literally…

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