Zacpacking across the globe

To think I will be out of here in thirty something days is exciting and also a little unnerving. My list of things to purchase and organise continues to get smaller just like the numbers on my countdown. The biggest update from my last post is that I am going carry on only. Yes I have a checked luggage option available but after talking to a few other seasoned travellers the freedom of stepping off the plane and out of the airport equally enthrals and terrifies me.

39 days and counting

Can I, someone who is very fond of shoes and clothes finally stop over packing and live out of a backpack? What do you take, what do you leave? I am notorious for packing the “just incase” items. The overwhelming idea I have seen is pack a wardrobe that all matches and covers most of your day to day life. Any random extra items for specific climates such as hiking boots, extra tank tops for summer, can be purchased while you are away. Luckily I am not venturing into the mountains to hike or indeed the arctic so no need for heavy boots or coats.

I have had other travel experts say to me “there is no way I could do that” which I think is what excites me about this. That is exactly what I said to myself six months ago, ” I can travel around the world, but I am not a backpacker”. Is that statement true though? There is only one way to find out, worst case scenario I check my backpack onto the flight with a whole pile of extra clothes I have purchased.

This is basically it, a couple more items to add but this is going to be my life.

This idea of  “I could never do that” has come up a few times over the last few weeks. Specifically one friend who recounts my life as numerous examples of things he could “never do” from moving cities in Australia to moving Countries his main impression of me is that I am fearless and just get things done.

While the sentiment is lovely and I see what he means, in some ways I feel like I have lived with huge amounts of fear in my life. Mainly the fear of “am I enough” and this is what has spurred me on to cities and countries, a need to prove myself as being talented, valid or worthy.

This trip or time in my life feels different, this time I am creating  an itinerary for no one but me. Its not to get a job or career, there is no one else agenda to consider. It is four months of doing exactly what I want to do for no other reason then I want to. I don’t know if I have ever done that before.

So my new rule, I will post however and whenever I want but I am not setting deadlines or goals to have a “presence” online. I don’t want a dream of mine to be contorted into an exercise in social media skills . There is way to much potential to find an amazing experience for myself away from a keyboard and expectations.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
So will I make it around the world with just a backpack?

Fear will push you, force you up the hill. Potential will pull you, invite you forward to an amazing peak. Thats what this comes down to for me, I am not downsizing to a backpack to prove I can do it. I am clearing space and luggage so that I can follow the potential of an amazing adventure.

What do you think, does social media connect us or disconnect us from our experience?
Have you ever been able to do something that is just for you?




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