My Jesus year!

Getting up before 6am most mornings I have seen the sunrise get later and later each week. Although here in Perth Summer does not seem to be wrapping up just yet so they days are still hot, albeit shorter. March has brought about my birthday and I have ticked over the three month mark. Yes now its is less than ninety days until I fly out. Things are starting to move forward at a seemingly faster pace. For some reason the fact I can talk about the trip as three months, twelve weeks or eighty eight days makes it feel that much sooner.


Turning thirty three in this time has also felt special, I keep referring to this as “my Jesus year” not because I plan on starting a new religion but because he was thirty three when  he had the biggest change on the world at large. After a little bit of googling it seems some other attributes can be aligned with this age, mid life crisis, the death of ego, finding happiness with being yourself. All of this I am sure can be done at any age but there does seem to be a lot of soul searching going on for people at this time.

Do you need to leave your job and jump on a plane to South America to do this? No. You could find small adjustments to your path, like taking a moment for yourself in the morning. Or learning to say no more often (my current challenge). It is the little adjustment in the moment which can have the biggest effect.

However I am fortunate enough to be making a grand gesture to the Universe this year. This feels like something more than a vacation, everytime I catch up with a friend for coffee the conversation leads to “are you excited?” to which of course my answer is “AbsoFu*$inglutely” but it also feels like I have invited in big changes, opportunities to find out more about what I am made of. Only time (and this blog) will tell exactly how that all pans out.

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So as the clock counts down towards my fly out date what should I have on my to do list? I have started to put away certain travel items each week and narrowed down my first two accomodations. I have no idea what sort of travel pillow to take, what insurance to get or what to wear so if anyone has an amazing suggestion, let me know!

My biggest question right now is do I take a suitcase or a backpack? Do I try aim for only hand luggage or utilise my checked luggage? I like the thought of truly backpacking and that carry on ease but can Zac Gower actually live out of a backpack for months at a time? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “My Jesus year!

  1. We love South America and we’ve been able to travel with only carry-on bags for many months at a time. We’ve found that you need far less than you think – particularly if you are in a warm weather climate. Really, how much space do Speedos take up? Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

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