Loosing My Sh*t!

Out seeing one of my first guests for the Podcast

It is one of my favourite times of year, Fringeworld. Also it would seem to be one of my busiest. Although I am not performing this year (look out 2019) I am still involved with Dead Man Label which is producing 11 shows at the festival this year.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Promo boy for Dead Man Label

My artistic contributions can be found on my latest venture, a podcast which will have its third episode available by the end of this week. You can find it and subscribe here at Unofficial Fringeworld if you are looking for a quick bit of information about some of my top picks for this years festival.

At the same time my other hat as a trainer is busy with our two studios both running an amazing fitness program called RIDE. So my day to day schedule has really stepped up with not only early morning but late night commitments.

I have been a little nervous that I have over committed. Trying to be an awesome trainer, promoter and podcaster not to mention friend/brother/human/puppy parent. In my awesomeness I managed to finish my first Fringe shift and get drunk watching a show with some friends. I had a large bag with me of various t-shirts for the different versions of myself I had to be that afternoon. I don’t usually carry a bag but it was needed and looked cute.

The bag never made it home, lost in the ether of untraceable Swan Taxi Neverland because I didn’t take an Uber home ( it was a x3.5 Surcharge!). Needless to say I was upset and embarrassed to explain to Dead Man that I had lost my work shirt whilst drunk in a taxi. Employee of the month right here!

Monday rolled around and the show went on, recording a new interview for the podcast and balancing everything again. Just as I was about to upload this edited piece of beauty yesterday, my computer froze. As the software relaunched it said the audio was corrupted and unsalvageable. I had now lost an interview.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Having to restart and re-record gave me a chance to actually improve the show.

It really felt like this was becoming a theme for the week. Constantly loosing my shit. I seriously considered calling in sick to my life and watching Netflix.  After a very large walk and some yelling I realised that I could ask my boss for another T-Shirt, my friend for another interview and turn the podcast out. I may not have been able to find my bag but the rest of the week didn’t have to be a write off as well.

Today I got up and got it done, it is now waiting for publication because I made a choice. Some things are out of my control, like “Drunk Zac” giving my belongings away to a cab driver. How I feel and what I do today though, thats on me and I wasn’t interested in loosing anything else let alone my sanity and sense of self. Instead I found some peace, got the job done and then moved on.

So I will see you all out at Fringeworld this weekend (without wine). Come hang out with me and the Dead Man Label Gang at Little Death Club on Friday and Saturday night 11:15pm.

Let me know, what is the weirdest thing you have lost?

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