Holy Crap I booked my Flight!

Well excuse me for freaking out for a second. This is really happening, I have finalised and paid the deposit on my Round The World ticket. I am so pumped about this itinerary as it is something I dreamed of and I made happen.

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Round the World tickets are the best value for money if you are planning a big trip. The catch is they must be used in a 12 month period, travel in one direction around the world (East West or West East) and there is no backtracking etc. So my three main stops are South America, Europe and Asia.

In late may I will fly out of Australia and Head over to Buenos Aires,Argentina. The other option was Santiago which is beautiful but I was fortunate enough to get there a couple of years ago. Also Buenos Aires is the home of tango and while I am all about the Salsa, learning a few steps can’t hurt right?


From there I make my way back to Colombia, I have to say this is one of my favourite countries in the world and this is where I will spend the longest amount of time. Forget what you have seen on NARCOS and Netflix this country is spectacular and so are the people. This is where I am planning on attending a language immersion program and trying to get this brain thinking in Español.


By mid August I will make my way over to Spain. Flying into Madrid I will probably head down to Barcelona straight away to catch the second half of the LGBT Circuit festival. After that I am open to wherever Spain wants to take me. Granada, Seville, Sitges. I am planning on spending a month in Europe and while the temptation is to get around and see everything I am leaving this somewhat open to making the most of one or two countries.

On the homeward trek is Bangkok, this was kind of a compulsory stopover with my airline Lufthansa. So I am not spending a large amount of time here but I do love street food so I am planning on making the most of a week’s worth of eating.

So as you can imagine it has been quite an exciting morning here at home. Not to mention my other project which is all about Perth kicks off this week. You can check out my podcast Unofficial Fringe which is my guide to all things Fringeworld 2018 in Perth over the next month I will have reviews, interviews and behind the scenes of all the shenanigans of Fringe. Unregistered, Unrestricted and Unofficial! It is also available on iTunes just search Unofficial Fringe.

An old boss said to me, your vacation starts when you book the ticket. I totally agree, once you know you are going, everything else falls into place and you just make it happen. Bring on the next few months!

So what are you top tips for a Gay Boy on a Budget making his way around the world?

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5 thoughts on “Holy Crap I booked my Flight!

  1. Welcome to the club. We booked our ticket this time last year and then counted down each day until we left the UK on 2nd December. We’re now 9 weeks in, currently in Australia. We’rea gay couple on a budget and so far so good. Looking forward to reading about your travels.

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  2. Sounds amazing. I live in Guatapé, Colombia–pic #3–so let me know if you’re going to be around the Medellín area. It would be fun to hook up with a fellow blogger and produce something special while you’re here or just meet up. Cheers and enjoy the trip planning!

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