Start as you mean to go on

We have arrived in 2018! I am so excited for all this year will bring, I am looking forward to all the new people, experiences and opportunities that will be presented to me. A large part of this year is going to take place overseas. How do I know? I mean I haven’t even booked a ticket yet!

What I have done is made it a daily practise for the past few months to visualise what it will feel like to step onto that plane and depart Australia. I have kept the details to a minimum as I know those things will take car of themselves in time. What I can work with is feelings and phrases. You may call them mantra’s that I repeat to myself. I generally do this first thing in the morning before my head gets interrupted with that to do list that always seems to pop up. My favourite one is “Bienvenidos a Colombia” or Welcome to Colombia which is what I imagine I will see at the airport when I arrive.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I also try and remember through out the day or when I make plans what my bigger intention is for this year. Particularly now post Christmas ( and somewhat behind in budget) when I choose to take the cheap option or politely decline to go out to dinner it is not because I don’t have enough money but because I want something else. So I don’t feel like I am lacking, which is a feeling that never really gets me far. I just try and be mindful that each choice takes me a step closer to my big goal for the year.


So with all the energy around finishing 2017 I got two of my favourite people from this year, new friends that I had made and we went to see a live salsa band for the last hours of the year. It was so much fun, we danced, drank and ate great food. Spending the first few hours of this year in this atmosphere, surrounded by music, laughter and joy.This is exactly what I want to feel for the rest of the year. It was so wonderful to in some ways pretend that I had already landed in a new country full of Salsa, Spanish and Soul!

What sort of things do you want to welcome in this year?


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