Thats a wrap 2017!

Well Christmas is done and I had a wonderful few days with family and friends. In our final few days of 2017 I can’t help but be reflective so Wednesday night I spent some time compiling some lists for what I was proud of through this year and what I wanted for the upcoming twelve months. If you are following this bog you know that travel is a large part of what I want to experience next year. Essentially this journey started back in May 2017 and as that idea evolved it has accrued finances and momentum so that it is not just  a pipe dream but a day to day reality.


So with that in mind I thought I would share my favourite way to set intentions for your new year. More so then a resolution it starts with a feeling. I also find a goal like “I am going to quite smoking in 2018” can tend to reinforce the lack of a certain element or thing. So through January you think “I am not smoking”, you go for drinks and think “no I am not smoking”, your friend offers you a cigarette “No I am not smoking” then the thought shifts to “god I want a cigarette” “I really could use one” The next thing you know you are smoking again and the resolution is finished before Valentines Day.

When you have an intention “I want to find ways to better improve my health” you have set this up as a positive statement to reinforce, you are reinforcing the abundance because taking care of your health can be diet, exercise and also not smoking. It also doesn’t all hinge on one factor so if you slip up in one area you have multiple other areas that are still working so you tend to avoid throwing the towel in.

I write this all out on a sheet (I find the act of writing seems to solidify the act or intention). I also then write a column of the qualities/feelings I want to experience. My favourites are Gratitude, Love, Curiosity, Community, Value. I write a column of “what I enjoy” that is in my day to day life what I do for fun,pleasure, joy etc. The final column is “how I share it with the world” here is the practical/physical ways I share those qualities From there I stick up my “plan” somewhere where I can see it. If you don’t have physical place in your house then a great solution is to take a photo and keep it as your wall paper on your phone because we all know how often we look at that all day.

(side note the image below is a little different to what is described above, after rechecking with a friend I had to readjust some sections this image is more of s guide for what it looks like)


I can’t wait to start sharing some more information about my Journey in 2018, I should have an itinerary and a ticket by the end of January so watch this space! Take some time for yourself over the next few days and here is to 2018 being even more insightful and joyous than this year.

Thanks so much for reading.


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