Flashback to Felucca

As I mentioned last week I am trying to keep the social engagements and spending to a minimum at this time of year. Also bearing in mind this is also about my travels, stories and adventures I thought for the next few weeks I would take you back to my last big adventure. Sailing on my Dad’s yacht Felucca, where I spent two months cruising through Asia. Luckily I kept a journal so here is an excerpt from my first few days.

Thursday April 30th 2015

My final moment in LA

It wasn’t until we got to Dad’s dinghy I realised how badly over packed I was. I mean going in I knew I had too much stuff, I had just packed up my life in Los Angeles and left permanently. Seeing my quarters and remembering tropical weather was an abrupt reminder, all I would be wearing was tank tops and shorts. My jeans were put away at the bottom of the locker, so many shoes I would  sadly not need. By the end I only unpacked half, the other suitcases were stowed in the belly of the boat awaiting a more permanent home.

One side of Felucca you can see the kitchen table and down the back my bed and quarters.

Felucca herself is a masterpiece, hand made by Dad she is a 40ft catamaran moored off the village of Kuah in Langkawi, Malaysia. This village is the “main village” of the island but certainly not the luxury resort beach of Cenang. It has a basic and modest feel, an “unrefined exuberance” as Dad puts it. I almost feel the boat is the same but basic is not a word appropriate for an ocean going vessel that sleeps six. Unrefined doesn’t seem to fit either. Simple,Proud,Elegance. She doesn’t apologise for how she shows up. You can love her as she takes you on board or find another boat!

Langkawi is the big island in a group of several just off the coast of Malaysia it is what I imagine Bali or Phuket was thirty years ago. With islands untouched and uninhabited, full of jungle and reef. It reminds me of what towns like Kuta probably were in the seventies before we (Australian’s) came and made it into a destination for badly behaved bargain hunters.

Looking out at the Big Eagle over Langkawi

Turns out April is the stormy season so I have been in two storms so far but with such an expanse of time ahead of me I don’t feel the need to waste energy being disappointed that it is raining. The heat and humidity, sweat, basic showering facilities all offer plenty of chances to complain. However the reality is, heat will always be hot. Water will always be wet. If you choose to see the moment without that attachment to a story, disappointment or frustration you can see that the moment is really perfect. All my needs are met and I am sailing on a boat in Asia with no fixed address or plan!

Felucca and a local outrigger fishing boat.

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