Loving Discipline

So today I am unenthused about writing a blog. It feels due and I feel like I have not much to say. However I have sat down and  decided to start writing. I thought we could talk about the notion of loving discipline. That being the act of doing something that maybe you don’t want to at first. Like going to the gym, you know you will feel better when it is done.

Here is how it works for me, in instances like this I will start the task and make a serious effort knowing the end product is something I will be proud of and will fulfil me. However if I am not starting to feel the love as I go it is totally fine to stop and walk away. No regrets, no beating myself up about what I should do in order to be successful.

This is a key lesson I have come up ALL the time around passion projects, being from the arts I have always linked my creative endeavours with an element of success. Eg “if I book this gig then I will be successful as an actor” I used to always place success at a distances, somewhere to get to. Instead of looking at all the success I have already achieved. So on days like today those thoughts come up and suggest that if I don’t get a blog up on a Thursday then I am a failure. Is it true? No. Will we all survive without a week of my musings? Yes.

Somewhere in there between inspiration and appeasement  lies a balance, loving discipline. The act of attempting to do a project even if at first you don’t want to. At the same time making sure you are not entering into it to please the little devil on your shoulder whispering thoughts of unworthiness.

So here we are, at the end of a post which still feels like Soulsa Searching. I feel proud and creative. I am glad I took some time to sit and share with you on one of my favourite practises. Over the next couple of weeks I am trying to keep a low profile financially and socially so I am sure there are some other fun and soulful ways for sure to wrap up the year.

Leave a comment, share. Tell me what activities you find need some loving discipline!


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