Attitude of Gratitude

This week  feels like the calm before the December Storm. One thing gets me through, gratitude. Being home I am so lucky to spend time with my family and friends in our gorgeous city. In fact I am looking forward to the crazy social commitments because it is an exercise in time management and gratitude. When I get stressed or overwhelmed I just go back to the basics. I am so grateful to be needed/invited/thought of at this time.

With Perth showcasing its amazing weather in the lead up to Summer I headed to the Victoria Park Street Party on Sunday afternoon. A fiesta of fun running several blocks of Albany Highway. Showcasing music, art, clothing, food and drinks.


Out along with the squad of friends we patrolled the food trucks for potential goodies, with a large emphasis on Asian food, dotted with the occasional Paella or Dutch Pancake stall I actually felt the food selection was a bit average compared to other local street parties in Subiaco or Beaufort St Festival (RIP).  After sampling some cold/old dumplings my taste buds needed a wash, what to have? Margarita’s! So we settled in at the Pop up Pancho’s bar to quench our thirst.



This proved to be the best option for the day and we ended up staying and snacking on some great food. Try the Jalapeño poppers, Jalapeño stuffed with cheese and then deep fried! Having a look over the rest of their menu we decided to grab some sharable plates while watching the day unfold and people walk by.

All in all my day cost $50 for some great company, food and drink set in the awesome atmosphere of Victoria Park. A perfect Sunday shared with friends, food and a little fiesta. Truly so much to be thankful for this week in Perth!

Pancho’s has two locations in Mt Lawley and Vic Park and offers great portion sizes and drink specials at both their restaurants. Check out their daily specials to snag a great deal any day of the week.

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