Living as if it has already happened.

The last two weeks I have felt so empowered from “being broke”. There is so much angst around finances, especially at this time of year. A lesson I learnt when I lived in LA from a wonderful friend and mentor Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan was that we put so much emphasis on success in how our bank balance looks and the need to keep up appearances. I always remember getting picked up for a date in the latest model BMW taken for an amazing date and then as you head back to Mr High Rollers house it is a derelict 1 bedroom in the sketchy part of Hollywood! It didn’t matter what his home life looked like as long as what people saw was the BMW and exterior appearance.

This last pay bracket I started too put away a decent amount towards my trip and decided to own “not spending”, With no shame I said to several friends “I am not spending money so how about we do drinks at my place/or some other low cost option” . What I find is people totally get it, there is no shame in your bank balance unless you put it there.

So my mission over the next few months is to not only save money for a trip but also to get out and enjoy the amazing city I live in. Perth, West Australia! Do I have all the cash I need yet? No. A plane ticket? No. What I am focussing on is the feeling of stepping off that plane into South America, getting to my first destination. Living for a moment as if it has already happened. I am making sure I take steps every day to get there, even if it is taking a moment to dream about it. Making budget friendly choices is another choice I make mindfully every day to ensure every day I am moving towards my intentions. Aligning everything with that feeling of  “oh yeah, this is really happening”.

This weekend started with a trip out to Noble Falls in Perth Hills. A dog friendly hike that starts and ends at our own local waterfalls. Yes the fact that I went “chasing waterfalls” this weekend is not lost on me.

Sunday morning I packed a picnic, put $20 fuel in the car and loaded up Jake the Dog. After a 40 minute drive out of the city we ended up in the town of Gidgeganup. Just across from the Noble Falls Tavern was a public parking and picnic area, being that it was 9:30am and the pub was not open I stuck to the plan to go and hike.

There are two options depending on your effort level, while both trails are graded as Level 2-gravel path with some small hills they vary in distance equalling either a 30minute stroll or roughly a 75 minute hike. Taking the longer option we started at Noble Falls and wound our way down through the bush past home steads and along the creek line. It was a perfect morning to hike with the temperature sitting in the mid twenties and the sun was out.IMG_8170

The fact I could bring my dog and have shared the fun with him was the main reason I went, with an array of smells and sights to see I had to keep reminding myself  I was just over half an hour from my house. What a great way to disconnect from the push pull of a working week and reconnect with some sunshine and nature.

After a little over an hour we made our way back to the falls where Jake and I collapsed into the stream to cool ourselves off. Some families had gathered and sat around enjoying the peace and gurgle of the falls. Kicking back I enjoyed my sandwich and felt pretty proud that I had actually got out and done something new in the city I live in.


Too often we get caught up in our routine and look around the globe for a way to get a break. Sometimes what you need might be in your own back yard. So enjoy what you have now and what comes next will get here in perfect time.

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Noble Falls-

Noble Falls Tavern:

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