Soulsa Searching


I am not lost.

So if you have figured out the pun in the name of my blog you are clicking into this first post to figure out how I am going to play this out. For starters lets take this idea of “Soul Searching” or “trying to find myself” and let that go. If you had asked me 10 years ago was I trying to find myself I would have said yes. These days I know I am not lost or incomplete in some way. However there is this part of me that still has a curiosity about the world and longs to wander around exploring it all. My Dad calls is “our gypsy heritage” though I am not sure if this could actually be genetically proven.

What does call to me though is this idea of learning more about the man I am, taking those little cues from the universe and uncovering and learning more about what makes me tick. What I have learnt is that most of the time we all experience the same shit feelings so hopefully together we can connect and remember, no one is lost.

Today I am sitting here in my home in Perth trying to find the quickest way onto my next adventure. After a break up this year I naturally had to take stock of what it is I actually wanted my life to look like and figure out what excites me. It always comes back to travel and culture. Growing up middle class and white in Perth has left me feeling somewhat culturally bland and common over the years and while exploring the world in previous travels I have landed on a somewhat bizarre attraction obsession with latino culture. I love the way the language sounds when I speak it (or try to), I love the passion of the people, the food and music. Specifically, Salsa.

There is something about this combination of food, music,family and dance that speaks to me. I can only assume it is because it is so far removed from the barbecue’s, beers and blokes that I grew up with. It is so foreign to me and yet beckons me to come and play. Enter my dream for 2018. Take three or four months off from life in Perth and head to South America to learn how to speak Spanish, dance Salsa and love the adventure I am on.

I was going to leave this blog until my trip but as you would have it I received two nudges today to get writing. A podcast called Caffeine for the Soul talked about practicing your creativity and not just expecting to be an amazing  writer from the word go. Then when googling “how to start a blog”  Blogging Basics walked me through step by step and the next thing I knew I was here.

So keep checking in in for updates about my plans, preparation and insights along the way because life is happening right now and there is plenty to learn and celebrate today.

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